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Read Some Reviews from Island Mariner Customers

"I am extremely honored by the experience I shared with the crew and others. The activity I witnessed was awesome.This could not happened if it wasn't for the crew. I will always cherish this time thanks to Don "San Juan", Wif, and the lovely young ladies full of knowledge and a gift of great hospitality. Again, I extend my gratitude for making my vacation with my father a lasting memory."
- Wendell G, Alabama

"My girlfriends, (one from Albuquerque, NM and the other from Houston, TX), and I joined you on Friday, July 20, 2007 for the Whale Watching......there are hardly any words that can express what a thrill it was for us!! We were in the middle of J, K and L pods and the gal who was filling us in on what was happening, told us that there were upwards of 90 Whales in that Super-Pod. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!! When two of the Whales swam directly under the boat, every person on board instantly became a child again, "look, look they're over there".....and then a lot of "ewwwwws" and "ahhhhhhs" as the spectacular "show" continued!! What a blessing. Thank you so very much for fulfilling all the hopes we had to see the beautiful creatures. It was great!!! PS...they're already planning the trip for next year!"
- Betsy Madan, Lynden, WA

"Margaret and I and my Mom (Inez) saw Orcas in the wild for the first time in our lives yesterday (6/17/07). It was Fathers' Day and I couldn't have been given a greater gift than to see some of the world's largest mammals swimming in their own territory. As Captain Terry said, it may not have been the most spectacular sightings, but my adenaline flowed none-the-less. We saw harbor seals, eagles, many types of sea birds... why we even saw a deer trying to swim from one island to the next... we'll probably never see that again! Yes, and we saw the Orcas!
A few years back we three took the 26-Glacier cruise out of Whittier, Alaska and trekked through Port Wells, College Fjord and Barry Arm and saw stunning glaciers, ice calving, sea otters and other pristine native life... but we didn't see a single whale. While the trip as a whole was marvelous, we were a little saddened by not having seen the whales. Yesterday that all changed on the Island Caper. The first time I saw that tell-tale spray rising above Haro Strait... my heart pounded... at long last... there she blows!
Thank you Terry and Beverly and Victoria and Wiff (John)... thank you also to Gayle for being so nice over the phone when I made the reservations... we anxiously await our return cruise. Its amazing how 50 or so folks who don't know each other can come together, see the beauty of the San Juans and return with a kinship such as we witnessed yesterday. Thank you for that (smiling)."

- Mikal and Margaret Thoreson

"I can't express what a great time we had on Saturday, (August 12th, 2006). It was awesome! We saw all three pods and they were very active. We all want to do it every year! Not only the whales, but the wonderful scenery and other wildlife was incredible. We got some really good pictures. Please thank everyone there for a wonderful day we'll never forget. "
- Candice

"We had a fantastic experience on our trip with you on July 29th (2006)! Thank you!! Thanks again and we will be back and refer others to you!!"
- Ellen Welsch

"A huge thank you from my Marine Biology class for the opportunity to go whale watching. The students were thrilled and so was their instructor! The highlite for many was to see an orca come straight towards the Island Caper, dive underneath, and then be seen swimming under water before resurfacing. Your generosity is much appreciated! Thanks again."
- WWU Marine Biology Class

"Thank you for a wonderful day! We had so much fun. Seeing the Orcas was a dream come true. Well worth every penny!! We will definitely be telling our family and friends about your service. Thanks again, Joan, Oak Harbor WA Island Mariner and entire Crew, Just a note to say thank you so much on behalf of A1 Builders, I wanted to thank you all so much for making our cruise a fun and memorable one! Everybody had a really good time. Thanks for your hospitality and attention."
- Linda, A1 Builders

"Hello, I just wanted to say "Thank You" for a wonderful trip around the San Juan Island in search of Orcas this past Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day on the water, the friendly, professional, informative crew, and of course, the wildlife, including several whales. Having taken a number of mainland based "Whale Watch" cruises in the past 8 years including 2 excursions with your team, Island Mariner stands out as one of the best overall with a perfect sight-seeing vessel and top notch crew. The Island Caper is comfortable and provides seating for all degrees of exposure to the elements - from the comfy, intimate lounge area inside the cabin to the casual indoor tables, to the upper deck (my favorite) and forward seating in the bow. There's not a bad seat on the entire boat. The Captain provided several glimpses of history as we moved through the islands, and the Naturalist was quick to spot different types of wildlife and interject environmental details about the terrain. In contrast to a recent trip I took with another company, I was particularly pleased that a smoking area was designated at the back of the boat and an ashtray provided to discourage anyone from pitching their cigarette butts into the water. It's a small detail but when left unchecked can cast a shadow on the overall experience for those of us who do not smoke. What's that saying..."Take only pictures, leave only footprints?" It applies on the water too. Thanks again for a memorable experience. I look forward to traveling with you again.
- LeAnn, Seattle, WA

"Thank you so much for your efforts in getting my family on your Whatcom County Historical water front tour for this season. Breathtaking, knowledgeable and fantastic are only a few words to describe your operation. I look forward to your Whale Watching! Thank you again."
- Christa, Bellingham, WA

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour you gave our home school group in May. My family had a great time -- and I heard many other families comment on how much they enjoyed the trip. Thank you for taking the extra time with us so we got to see some whales. I also appreciated how the naturalist narrated and kept us informed. Thanks again for making it affordable to families who would not otherwise be able to go. On behalf of Whatcom Home school Association, "Thank You" and I hope we will see you next year!"
- Sandy, Whatcom County

"What a fantastic time our friends and RV Club had with you on September 11th. Our California guests were very impressed as well as those from Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Nevada, and of course, Washington. Thanks Terry for your extra attention to our upstairs guests."
- Puget Sound Wheelers

"Thank you for an enjoyable day on your cruise. Our family had a great time on July 10th with your crew. Our three year old got off the boat saying "That was fun! Thanks for taking us!" And our seven year old thought seeing the whales was the best. Thanks again for a memorable day!"
- The Eddington Family

"Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the whale watch cruise. It was a real highlight of our vacation in Seattle/Vancouver."
- Helen, from Florida

"I want to thank you all for the wonderful cruise we took last Saturday. My Thai exchange student had NEVER experienced anything like it and he was thrilled. My son in law and I decided that we'll do it at least every three months, just so we can get on the water. I especially appreciated the smooth ride. I am recovering from serious surgery, yet I was able to easily navigate and even went up on the top deck - twice!
Blackberry breached several times for us and we saw Ruffles. A mom and calf swam under the boat. The Naturalist was fantastic and informative. Thank all for a marvelous time. We'll see you again."

- Kitty, from California

"Thank you so much for the whale watching trip. It was awesome! I liked using the terms 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00. I know bow, stern, port and starboard because my dad used to be a commercial fisherman, but I have never heard of using the clock.
I have a special interest in Ruffles and Granny, so I was so glad we got to see them. Katie (Naturalist) told me about adopting a whale, so I am going to look into it and start raising some money. I really want to help animals in danger and I think the Humpback, Gray whale and a few others are endangered. I hope I can come again sometime."

Thanks again, Sincerely, Jiana (student)

"Thank you for letting us ride on your beautiful boat. It was magnificent! It was fun to ride up on top the boat! The whole boat ride was indescribable.
Once again, Thanks to the Island Crew!"

Emma and Melanie (students)

"Dear Island Caper. Thank you for the ride on the boat. You are very kind. It was GREAT!"
Wiley, (student)

"I had a great time on the boat! What I liked the most was going on the top deck and feeling the wind against my face, and to see the Islands that we pass. Thank you so much for allowing my school to go on your big boat."
Love, Michael (student)

"Thanks Island Caper Crew. My favorite part of our trip was being on your awesome boat with my friends."
Wesley (student)

"Seeing the whales was great. It was the most exciting experience I have had in a very long time. Also, the Naturalist was very informative. We also appreciated that we got a second chance for seeing the whales. Your guarantee would make me recommend you (as well as skills!) to others."
Michigan family

"We loved the beauty, the serenity, the narrative, the whales, the invigorating qualities of the water and the sunny air. Keep up the coupons! the excursion was great. It was a relaxing day. In many ways, I wish we could have stayed out longer."

"The weather was great, and the Whales were close enough that we got to spend lots of time with them. Crew was wonderful. Naturalist did such a wonderful job. Very fluid and educated. Great job! I love you guys!"
Johnny, Bellingham WA

"We like the Orcas, of course, plus seeing the eagles. We especially liked the naturalists informative talk. She gave us information in a clear and interesting manner. What a great experience! We will definitely recommend you to others. The Captain and crew were wonderful."
Bellevue, WA

"The Whales were great! There was lots of viewing area. We enjoyed all the info and points of interest provided by your tour person. We will highly recommend your tour to our Canadian friends."
Rolland and Joan, Kamloops BC

"Everything was beautiful -- weather, comfortable roomy boat, crew friendly and informative, and we saw so much of the islands as well as the Whales. Today was the perfect day, not too crowded and lots of Whales."
Betsy, Bellingham WA

"I like that the boat is cozy and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Your trip feels like a wholesome relaxing spiritual experience. Thanks! You guys are fantastic! We will see you again next year."
Dan, Kirkland WA

"Loved the Whales!! And all the other majestic sea life, birds and Victoria's narration. The Skipper navigated the boat very well. The time spent watching the Whales exceptional!"
Jean and Jacquie, CA

"The information from the Naturalist gave me such a full appreciation for the area and the animals we saw. It was all interesting, compelling and timely. Thanks for putting so much thought into your tour."
- The Wilsons, Everett WA

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Watch a video produced by a whale cruise customer.

More customer comments:

"My wife and I went on a trip with you yesterday where we saw a lot of activity from the Orcas. Attached is my photo of the day (above) that I wanted to share with your company along with a huge THANKS!!!  We had a great time and really enjoyed the friendliness and knowledge of your crew."

"...the whale watch cruise was a real highlight of our vacation."

"...there are hardly any words that can express what a thrill it was for us!!"

"The wonderful scenery and other wildlife was incredible."

"Seeing the Orcas was a dream come true. Well worth every penny!!"

"I extend my gratitude for making my vacation with my father a lasting memory."


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